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Academic Background

Talks and Discussions

2020: AEA in San Diego (Poster) · AFA in San Diego (Poster) · University of Amsterdam · University of Bologna · Western Finance Association in San Francisco (*)

2019: Mannheim-Frankfurt Macro Workshop · Stockholm University · Nordic Macro Symposium in Smögen (Discussant) · Econometric Society European Meeting in Manchester · New Approaches for Understanding Business Cycles (CEPR, Mannheim, Poster) · European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society in Rotterdam

2018: Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Performance (CEPR, Frankfurt, Poster) · SED Annual Meeting in Mexico City (**) · CEPR European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets in Gerzensee (evening sessions) · Econometric Society European Meeting in Cologne · Winter Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association in Vienna

(*) scheduled (**) my JMP presented by my co-author Moritz


University of Mannheim
Department of Economics
L7 3-5, Room 204
68161 Mannheim